mardi 29 mars 2011

Skoda Felicia

Skoda Felicia. 1959-1964. Cabriolet 2 p. F/R (4L) 1089, 1221 cm³.
En février 1959, le cabriolet 450 est rebaptisé Felicia. Il bénéficie des mêmes améliorations que la berline Octavia. En octobre 1961, le cabriolet Felicia Super reçoit un moteur 1200.

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  1. Skoda Felicia Cabriolet was launched in 1959 like a 2-door transformable, replacing the Škoda 450. Capable to seat five persons, it had been equipped with a folding cover and a plastic hard top. Styling is comparable to that of the contemporary Škoda Octavia. The Felicia was offered just with a 1089 cc 4cyl engine nevertheless a Felicia Super unit was released in 1961 run by a bigger 1221 closed circuit four. An overall total of 16, 863 Felicias were created